Deux Beautés is the result of quite a long creative process. One of its owners, Muge Guler, has been in the fashion industry for the last 15 years. Two years ago, she decided to start a new venture after a very long and successful collaboration period within the Inditex/Zara Group.

The digital distribution website MuguetdeMai.com was born, driven by the ambition of gathering and distributing lovely brands and products such as fashion accessories, jewellery, perfumes mostly from Paris and clothes, with customer satisfaction at the very center of it all.

One year after, Muge decided to push one step further and created her own clothing brand, together with her childhood friend, Tanem Sivar. Please welcome DeuxBeautés:

DeuxBeautés is about a magic number that brings together two magical cities, Paris and İstanbul, and two dear friends, Muge and Tanem. It is also a reminder of two beautiful dogs that are in heaven now. It is finally our way to highlight our mindset regarding customer satisfaction, as we strongly believe that individualized customer relationship is the key.

The brand’s ambition is to spread purity and love to its customers through the creation of clothes that assemble nice shapes, lovely colors and comfortable fabrics. We design our clothes to convey the essence of ballerinas, in all their beauty, elasticity and elegance.

Our wish is for our customers to experience both comfort and aesthetics together within one product, combining the sophisticated lines and colors of Paris as well as the versatile spirit of İstanbul.

As a family business, we are fully aware of our social and environmental responsibility. We try to optimize our production and distribution processes in regards to environmental issues, for instance by avoiding the use of plastic as much as possible. On top of that, we are grateful that every purchase made with DeuxBeautes products is also a donation to the charities that we are member of.

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