Our Brand


Our Story:

Launched in September 2018, Deux Beautés Paris is a high quality “Athleisure Brand" based in Paris and is inspired by the lifestyle of ballerinas and dancers in big cities. As a brand, we respect and support dance companies. We choose to work with real dancers and ballerinas for our campaigns.   

Our Collections:

The collections are made to wear everyday with the finest materials and to convey the essence of dancers, in all their beauty, elasticity and elegance. The pieces are designed for versatile usage, to combine with a blazer for a night out or for your workout sessions. We do not choose to follow the traditional fashion calendar and fast-fashion trends.

The finest materials are used for our innovative shape-up leggings & high quality tops. Our products are made in a boutique sized factory in Turkey respecting the environmental measures, human rights and we use 100% recycled packaging. We visit our factories frequently and monitor the production process at all times.

Our Planet: 

We respect our planet and choose to produce small quantities and keep low stocks to reduce our Carbon Print levels. We invite our customers to choose sustainable and long-lasting brands. 

As a brand, we are against over consumption therefore we choose to collaborate with organizations to keep our planet clean instead of supporting activities like Black Friday.

Measure Your Carbon Print Level & Donate: 

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