• She said "Don't worry it will all be ok"..


    She said "Don't worry it will all be ok"..

    She said "Don't worry it will all be ok".. And then I thought about the last 15 years.. She has always been there for me and for many others. Even her existence was enough for you to feel safe.  She does not speak or act by the book, but she is like a book. She wouldn't even sell cold pressed juice without getting the proper training for it. She is strong with a soft heart, serious with a sense of...

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  • We are separated yet more connected


    We are separated yet more connected

      We have been isolated from our loved ones for a while now. Some days we feel ok, some days we don't. But each and every one of us feel the same for the first time across the universe. It is amazing to see how all of us are trying to keep one another in a good physical and mental health. Well known psychiatrists, musicians and even actors/actresses  are live on Social Media to connect us. All the great museums are...

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  • La Maison Rose..


    La Maison Rose..

    If you’ve ever walked around in the neighbourhood of Montmartre in Paris, you’ve probably stumbled upon a tiny house that looks like the cake house from the Germain fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”. La Maison Rose.. When you see this beautiful “Pink House”, your heart fills up with romance and joy. When our team was searching for places for our photo-shoot, we all said “this is it!” Not only because of the beauty of it but also the story behind...

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